The Compound Foundation

Children and the youth that grow with foster parents lack the complete home set up. This is the reason why Ne-Yo Smith and Reynell Hay decided to start this organization to fill this gap. This nonprofit making organization takes acre of both the children and the foster parents to have a fulfilling life. The compound foundation has many programs that support this initiative that is tailored to meet all ages. In most cases, there have mastered the art of sports in their programs for they promote good health to the children and the youth. What they look at is the bright future of the kids through proper healthy relations ships and healthy well being. Some of the programs they engage in through the bright future academy include:

  • Entrepreneurship and training programs
  • Peer education seminars
  • Leadership and mentorship programs
  • Interaction with renowned entrepreneurs
  • Paid competitions in entrepreneurship among others

With all these programs they are in line with the formal education to an extent that they are able to graduate and use these skills to make them useful in society. One good thing about the program is the fact that you can also enroll in them and still be part of the mentorship to these vulnerable groups in such a way that they don’t look like they are neglected in the society. When you look at the mission of the foundation, it is to bring hope to the hopeless youth who are adopted or rather the ones who did not have the chance to live with their biological parents.

In this article, let us look at the Espresso entrepreneurship program. Espresso is a household name in the coffee industry. It involves making coffee drinks within a short time wit the aim of equipping the youth with the skills in the hospitality industry. This program makes sure the participants are able to make ninety cups of coffee in an hour. This means that they are able to meet the high demand for code drinks. When one decides to open a coffee shop then it is a successful one since they have both the theoretical and practical skills in running such an enterprise.

Within the program, the upcoming entrepreneurs are equipped with modern technologies within the industries to make sure that they move the business to the next level within a short time. They are exposed to many machines and the manufacturers who are part of the donors and stakeholders give them first-hand experience of the functioning of the coffee machines. With these skills, it is upon the entrepreneur to now make an independent decision on what is best based on other factors that promote proper business.
In business, there are also some things that you can only get from the renowned business people like the financial records, marketing, dealing with competition as well as individual effort to make sure that you make profits.
There is no pre-requisite for joining this program. You only need to show interest and you will find a reliable customer service attendant to give you feedback. You could come in as a donor or a participant. 

Foster Parents To Health Activities Using Flex Belt and Slendertone

We all struggle with weight issues. We all want to look better In our mind’s eye we have a body that we have always wanted. The world is moving so fast that we seem to have no time to get to the gym and achieve that awesome toned body. Between work and other obligations people often put the weight loss regimen on the back burner It is hard enough when you are single and the only person you have to deal with is yourself. As life keeps going, people make new connections and soon families spring from these love connections. The inevitability of life. We become parents. Who does not love children?

Parenthood now presents a new set of challenges. Children have to be fed, clothed, driven to school and even after school activities. This is all a part of life and we learn to embrace it and take it in stride. Parents have the responsibility of raising properly balanced children.

Who then takes care of the parents who are like circus jugglers with many balls in the air. The answer is no one It is a really sad state of affairs when a parent does not have time for themselves.

Do weight loss goals fly out the window just because you have a small army of munchkins to take care of? Hazard a guess… The answer is a resounding NO!!

Parents owe it to their families to take care of themselves. The healthier they are the happier their families eventually will be Their healthy weight loss activities should be able to fit into their lifestyles. Many parents wish to foster these healthy habits but do not know how. They keep hoping that an answer will fall into their laps.

There is an answer to be able to do the juggling and still be able to achieve that awesome body that you so crave for every time you look in the mirror.

The answer is simple as great new products and powerful device Flex Belt and Slendertone.

Flex Belt and Slendertone are products that can fit in any parents lifestyle. The products can be used at your convenience. Flex Belt and Slendertone Go to work even when you are not.

Flex Belt and Slendertone just need to be put on the target area and turned on Parents can go about their daily activities without worrying about working out. Flex Belt and Slendertone do all the hard work so the parent does not have to. Flex Belt and Slendertone only have to be used for 30 minutes a day and the results are amazing. Within 6 to B weeks the toning and weight loss results will amaze the busy juggling parents. Flex Belt and Slendertone will fit into any busy parents lifestyle without interfering with any schedules.

Flex belt And Slendertone are a parent’s convenient partner to help them foster healthy activities while looking after their families.

Parents, do not let life dictate how you can lose weight. Flex Belt and Slendertone will do all the work and you can enjoy the rewards.

Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids

The nice thing about children is the fact that they have a complete and balanced lifestyle. With the era of advanced technology, at times, you find this very difficult and in most cases, you may even be forced to just download any computer games to keep them busy. Have you thought the long-term effect of this? Child obesity is real. You may even end up with lifestyle diseases which were meant for the elderly in children. Am sure that is something you may not like to see your children go through for the rest of their lives. At times, sm of the diseases may be fatal. Why engage in such activities when you can have outdoor fun. If you have no idea of this then have a look at these options.

A trampoline jump
A trampoline is a gadget that was meant for autistic children to ignite some dull nerves. With time scientists found out that it was even the best for children as an outdoor event. It serves two purposes, forts, of course, is the fun of being high above the ground and coming down under the force of gravity. Secondly, it is a good form of exercise while and fun. Lastly, children have a short concentration span, as they play o the trampoline they find it a better way of passing time, especially during the holidays. You can also use it as a game where they even compete with one another. Just in case you d not know where to get one, take advantage of a trampoline for sale at Target to get cheaper yet quality trampoline drawing for your child outdoor play.

Bouncing castle play
A bouncing castle is also a good idea. It also works the same way as a trampoline although with this it is spongy and smooth. It is ideal for young children as well Some of them come with a basketball pitch such that the children can also play basketball with the castle.

If you want an activity which makes children have a practical outlook f what they have learned then you can now engage then in gardening and even watering flowers. All these have a physical activity which improves their lifestyle as well as allow them to learn various forms of agriculture. It also makes them a little bit responsible.

The older children can also take part in cycling. It is an activity which will give them a chance to exercise the whole body. This is even better when it is a competition among neighbors. As a family, it can also be good bonding time, cycle as you engage in emotional talk- very good for teenagers.

A nature walk
Walking is a good form of exercise for children. They not only come in contact with nature but also have a chance to engage in some form of physical exercise. This is a good way to make children have fun as well as special what nature has to offer, It is a good way in which children can engage in outdoor activity. Whichever the form of action you must make sure it is safe and sound for the children especially the weather condition.