Our Programs Future CEO Academy

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  • Learn entrepreneurial basics such as intellectual property, basic market research, how to write
    a business plan, vision boarding, practice presentation skills, create an elevator pitch, and learn
    how to dress for success.
  • Have the opportunity to meet and interact with successful entrepreneurs.
  • Obtain internships to support their educational and professional goals Develop actionable business concepts.
  • Receive college counseling and campus tour
  • Fun evening activities
  • Receive an entrepreneurship ‘toolkit’, enabling them to continue developing
    their business after the program has ended.
  • Participate in an elevator pitch competition sponsored by 100 Urban Entrepreneurs
    at graduation to obtain a $10,000 fund to further pursue their entrepreneurial venture.

Combining “mini-MBA” style workshops with daily motivational kick-offs by Celebpreneur (celebrity/high profile entrepreneurs) and evening activities, students have the chance to develop their entrepreneurial spirit.  Workshops are led by charismatic, experienced teachers who often have small business backgrounds.  After the program, graduates will have access to ongoing coaching, and entrepreneurship training through an online community.

  • Program Goals:  Teens participating in The Compound Foundation’s FCA program will learn business basics from entrepreneurial leaders and complete a workshop on how to apply to college.
  • Short Term Outcomes:  As a result, youth will obtain internships supporting their future educational and professional goals, and receive the support necessary to complete high school and/or complete applications for scholarships and college admission.
  • Long Term Outcomes: The Compound Foundation’s FCA program increases the percentage of foster youth who obtain GEDs/pursue higher education and/or achieve self-sufficiency through stable employment.

Espresso Machine Entrepreneurship Training Program

An extraordinary morning schedule frequently includes a warm, some espresso; be that as it may, when you’re in a surge and must be grinding away early, now and again you end up yielding quality for accommodation. A super-programmed coffee machine configuration, highlighting a beautiful advanced presentation contact screen. It gives up to 90 drinks for each hour and offers the alternatives of being either hard plumbed or utilized with an outer water bottle and on-request water siphon.

In this way, for a really incredible latte, cappuccino, or coffee drink, head to your nearby café. You will be happy you did. In case you need to make great coffee at home, and wouldn’t fret a little work and an experience to do it, a manual coffee creator would be a decent decision.

Coffee machines can offer a strong business opportunity includes our stunning super-programmed coffee machines and more than 30,000 items for workplaces and lounges. This could be your chance in the workplace supply business.

Self-loader machines for the home are a decent choice for the be-your-own-barista swarm. These machines enable you to sharpen your aptitudes at pulling shots and steaming milk. When you get great, you can truly inspire your companions with your abilities by making them a decent latte or cappuccino.

Super-Automatic machines for the home are entirely expensive, however, offer a for the most part hands-off way to deal with making satisfactory coffee-based beverages in your horn. The beverages delivered will probably not awe your companions to such an extent, in light of the fact that all things considered, they also can press a catch.

With basically any coffee machine you get, you can rely on a nature of flavor that goes past what you’d get with an espresso brewer. Regardless of whether you need to go past great coffee to investigating the universe of particularly amazing coffee and striving for the ideal shot will decide whether it merits fanning into the greater expense models available. In case you’re not very beyond any doubt yet what you ask for from a measure of coffee, you can generally begin with a more straightforward machine and climb when you end up getting that tingle.

Numerous business coffee machines utilized in bistros are self-loader. Having the capacity to control certain parts of the coffee making process oneself is favored by baristas. For example, having the capacity to control the milk-steaming and foaming procedure is wanted to naturally controlled milk steaming for making extraordinary lattes and cappuccinos. A decent barista can improve milk for a coffee drink than a machine, without a doubt!

The most ideal approach to creating this measure of ecstasy is with a business coffee machine. These machines great for work and reliably give high caliber and unwavering quality.

Since introducing one of these terrible young men in your house is restrictively costly for a great many people, bounce on over to your neighborhood bistro and request up! You’ll be happy you did.

For the individuals who are gutsier and prepared to handle making coffee at home, there are some coffee machines for home use which give a worthy option in contrast to the business machine. A portion of these “machines” are straightforward, manual instruments which give an approach to apply the weight important to separate a shot. Others are machines which utilize electric siphons to make the required weight.

Notwithstanding the strategy, you need finely ground espresso, high temp water (simply off bubble), and the capacity to send the heated water through the espresso under strain of no less than 9 bars to make genuine coffee.